Our lists of Bentley software include but not limited to:

Offshore Structures Design and Analysis Software


SACS is an integrated finite element structural analysis suite of programs that uniquely provides for the design, fabrication, installation, operations, and maintenance of offshore structures, including oil platforms and wind farms. Thirty-eight years of focus on these specialized requirements have made
SACS the analysis mainstay for most of the world's offshore engineers. Virtually all of the world's energy companies specify SACS software for use by their engineering firms across the lifecycle of fixed and floating offshore platforms.

SACS provides comprehensive lifecycle applications for the analysis and design of new and existing fixed offshore structures for the oil, gas, and wind energy markets. These include:

  • Non-linear analysis for offshore platform failures
  • Fatigue life evaluation
  • Foundation/structures, spars/topsides

Information Modelling Environment


MicroStation is the world’s leading information modelling environment explicitly for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation of all infrastructure types including utility systems, roads and rail, bridges, buildings, communications networks, water and wastewater networks, process plants, mining, and more. MicroStation can be used either as a software application or as a technology platform.

Plant Design & Engineering Software -2D Functional Design


Bentley AutoPLANT P&ID V8i provides an indispensable tool for creating intelligent Process & Instrumentation Diagrams. Using AutoCAD as the drafting engine – linked dynamically to an external database – engineers can quickly and accurately build a project repository for tagged components and related properties. Engineers can learn more about their plant designs in a fraction of the time required to study hundreds of layout drawings or 3D models. This cost-efficient application reduces the design and documentation time for capturing process information for system design and plant studies (such as HAZOP studies), ensuring compliance to OSHA 1910 and ISO standards. Through its scalable design, AutoPLANT P&ID is suitable for large, midsized and small engineering companies and plant operators, providing a key tool for the lifecycle design and documentation of process plants. 

Bentley Datasheets
Users produce instrumentation and equipment datasheets while employing electronic synchronization with Bentley Datasheets. Bentley Datasheets is a Microsoft Excel (.xls) based instrumentation, mechanical and process datasheet creation and management module. Datasheets created as .xls files allow viewing and editing by users with only native Microsoft Excel installed.
Bentley Instrumentation and Wiring V8i 
Bentley Instrumentation and Wiring is the ideal tool for creating loop diagrams, termination diagrams, motor schematics, single line diagrams and foundation fieldbus segment diagrams. The Bentley Instrumentation and Wiring V8i Edition includes a powerful suite of tools for designing, managing and operating small and large-scale industrial plant facilities. All plant-related data is stored within a non-proprietary, centralized database providing seamless integration between engineering, document management and related business systems used within the infrastructure.
promis•e is an intelligent software for electrical control system design. With promis•e, users can generate electrical schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans, and more in record time. promis•e streamlines the control system design process by performing many tedious operations automatically, including ID assignment, cross referencing, wire numbering, and list generation.

Plant Design & Engineering Software - 3D Physical Design

AutoPLANT Piping

AutoPLANT Piping gives spec-driven 3D piping design with advanced routing and editing features. Drawing production includes orthographic drawings (plans, elevations, and sections), using paper space view ports and exporting 3D model data to produce finished isometric drawings. Fully featured automated isometric drawing production features are included in the piping application. No additional licensing is required. Drawing Flattener produces flat, 2D drawings including elevations, plans, and sections from the 3D model. AutoPLANT Piping works seamlessly with other Bentley plant design and data management applications via the shared plant project database.

AutoPLANT Equipment 
AutoPLANT Equipment places equipment, nozzles, ladders, platforms, and walkways in 3D space. It provides numerous equipment, nozzle, and structure placement options, and includes primitives that may be used to construct user equipment assemblies.  
AutoPLANT Raceways 
AutoPLANT Raceways is an AutoCAD-based program that enables user to do quickly layout and design intelligent 3D cable tray and conduit. It makes it easier than ever to produce and maintain intelligent, three-dimensional AutoPLANT Raceways models.
AutoPLANT Isometrics V8i 
AutoPLANT Isometrics V8i is an intelligent piping isometric drawing application allowing either direct specification-driven drawing creation or automatic isometric creation from an AutoPLANT Piping V8i 3D model. The combination of these two techniques ensures that for all types of piping designers have the correct tools for creating piping isometrics.
Bentley’s ProSteel
Bentley’s ProSteel is a 3D modeling environment for structural steel and metal work supporting your construction and planning tasks. Working on the AutoCAD and Microstation platform, users get an intuitive and integrated multi-material modeller perfectly suited to layout complex structures, produce shop drawings, assemble all connections and manage bill of materials. 

Plant Design & Engineering Software - Analysis

Bentley AutoPIPE V8i 

Bentley AutoPIPE V8i is an advanced design and analysis program for calculating piping code stresses, loads, and deflections under static and dynamic load conditions, even to the highest nuclear standards. AutoPIPE V8i analyzes systems of any complexity, with special features for buried pipeline analysis, wave loading, water or steam hammer, FRP/GRP pipe and built-in pipe/structure interaction.

Bentley PlantFLOW
Bentley PlantFLOW enables users to quickly build, modify and review results of piping flow models using real-world 3D geometry that can be imported from plant design CAD systems, piping stress models, or created directly within the application. Once the system is modelled, user can calculate steady state single phase pressures, flow velocities, temperatures, and fluid properties in gas or liquid piping networks (including networks with branches and loops). User can quickly grasp "the big picture" and optimize pipe sizes, balance flows, and select and position equipment, as well as evaluate different valve scenarios.

Structural Analysis, Design, Documentation, BIM, and Detailing

STAAD.Pro is the structural engineering professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel design of virtually any structure including culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles, and much more through its flexible modelling environment, advanced features, and fluent data collaboration.
STAAD.Offshore is a powerful suite of pre- and post processor modules for the STAAD.Pro structural analysis and design program. Comprised of two primary modules, waveload and transport, user additionally have the option of carrying out design code checks to the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practice for planning, designing, and constructing fixed offshore platforms with the STAAD.Pro API code check module.
STAAD(X).Tower provides the comprehensive analysis and design of monopoles, self-supporting and guyed communication towers through physical modelling and parametric tools, ensuring minimum user interaction.
RAM Structural System 
The RAM Structural System is the only fully integrated engineering software with complete building analysis, design and drafting for both steel and concrete structures.

Project Management

ConstructSim V8i 
ConstructSim V8i optimizes workface planning for construction projects through the planning, scheduling, execution, and monitoring of construction activities from within a data-rich, integrated virtual plant model. With an intuitive user interface, ConstructSim V8i operates as a visual collaborative environment for project team, providing a rich set of tools to support the construction process. Through its powerful features and functionality, ConstructSim V8i increases productivity, drives down costs, and reduces project cycle time, while providing improved risk mitigation and team safety. It addresses construction issues such as material availability, cost to complete, information management, management of installation of turnover systems, and productivity of field labour.
ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) information management software developed explicitly for the design and construction of architecture, engineering, construction, and operations of infrastructure projects. Unlike traditional document management and collaboration software, ProjectWise is a system of collaboration servers and services for AECO information for the design and construction of infrastructure projects while the work is in progress. It provides scalable, industry-proven, advantages in work-sharing, content re-use, and dynamic feedback.

Road Design, Bridge Design and Engineering Software Products

Bentley’s Power InRoads
Bentley’s Power InRoads is proven civil engineering 3D road design software that provides required tools to complete transportation infrastructure projects. It provides complete 3D CAD drafting capabilities, powerful mapping tools, and design automation for civil engineering professionals. Power InRoads features an innovative road design approach using constraint-driven, 3D parametric modelling in a total-project context.
LARS Bridge
LARS Bridge brings a streamlined process to bridge load-rating modelling and analysis – for both existing and planned bridges. The software handles most common single- or continuous-span bridge types. LARS Bridge provides an integrated toolset for efficient graphical modelling, editing, and load-rating analysis.
LEAP Bridge Enterprise
LEAP Bridge Enterprise is a powerful modelling and analysis solution for small to medium-sized concrete bridges of all types: precast, cast-in-place, reinforced, and post-tensioned. This comprehensive bridge information modelling (BrIM) system offers a synthesis of geometric modelling, substructure and superstructure analysis and design, and load rating in a single, information-rich environment. Intelligent data management, parametric modelling, and automated drawing production revolutionize the bridge delivery process.
Bentley PowerRebar
Bentley PowerRebar lets users cut hundreds of hours in the detailing office. A step beyond generic CAD systems, PowerRebar offers dynamic parametric design tools that can handle reinforcement arrangements of any complexity. This standalone, complete application automates concrete reinforcement modelling, integrating 2D detailing, 3D modelling, detailing, scheduling, charting, and drawing production. Bentley PowerRebar supports a full array of international design standards and can be applied to a diverse range of structure types, from buildings and foundations to bridges and marine structures.

Water Distribution, Urban Waste Water and Stormwater Management

WaterGEMS is a comprehensive and easy to use water distribution modelling application. WaterGEMS can run from within ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and MicroStation, or as a standalone application. From fire flow and water quality simulations, to criticality and energy cost analysis, to advanced genetic algorithm optimization, WaterGEMS comes equipped with everything users need in a flexible multi-platform environment.
HAMMER is the industry’s #1 transient analysis and water hammer modelling product. HAMMER demystifies the complex science of water hammer and transient analysis and puts the power to perform this critical work in the hand of the user. Water utilities, municipalities, and engineering firms around the world trust HAMMER to efficiently identify, manage, and mitigate the risks associated with transients.
SewerGEMS V8i
The only sanitary and combined sewer model with stand-alone, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and MicroStation interoperability, and two built-in dynamic engines for accuracy and compliance.
CivilStorm V8i
Accurately model every aspect of stormwater system including rainfall, runoff, inlet capture and bypass, gravity and pressure piping, detention ponds, outlet structures, open channels, culverts, and more.
The FEMA-approved CulvertMaster is hands down the best tool available for solving culvert hydraulics problems. Incredibly flexible, fast, report-ready, and stress-free, CulvertMaster builds on the input you have on-hand while providing what you are missing.

GIS Software

Bentley Map
Bentley Map is a desktop geospatial information system that is 3D by nature and designed to meet the needs of infrastructure professionals. Bentley Map is offered in three editions aligned with user requirements: Bentley Map PowerView, Bentley Map, and Bentley Map Enterprise.
Bentley Geo Web Publisher
Bentley Geo Web Publisher enables a wide range of applications such as municipal information systems, image or drawing archives, map-based navigational sites, project sites, and public information portals. Integrated vector and image server engines publish hybrid vector/raster datasets and a wide range of formats, making it easy to incorporate drawings, maps, models, aerial photography, and images within custom browser presentations.