Oil and Gas Enterprise Software

esi.manage™ is the leading Integrated Business Planning Software Solution for the Oil and Gas industry.  Oil and Gas companies use esi.manage™ to optimize their upstream business planning, tracking, forecasting and reporting activities and gain better insight into their data which allows for better decisions and significantly increased capital efficiency.

Business Capabilities

esi.manage™ was developed specifically for the Oil and Gas Industry.   It offers an extremely powerful set of capabilities that are built on solid Oil and Gas Domain Knowledge. 

Project Characteristics
  • Multiple Project Types (Facilities, Base Properties, New Wells, Workovers, Land Acquisitions, G&A, G&G, A&D, Pipelines, Major Capital Projects, ...)
  • Multiple Project Measures (Capital, Production, Fixed and Variable Operating Costs, Reserves, Resources, ...)
  • Multiple Hierarchy Structures (Geographical, Company Organizational, Financial, Field, ...)
  • Multiple Data Types for each Project Measure (Forecast, Actuals, Field Estimates, Blended, ...)  

Business Planning Horizons

  • Life of Field (LoF)
  • Long Term Plan (LTP)
  • Annual Budget
  • Quarterly/Monthly Outlooks
  • Daily Calculations

Business Planning Scenarios

  • Scenario and Plan Archiving
  • Schedule Optimisation
  • Scenario Analysis and Comparison
  • Project Ranking with Targets and Weighting Factors
  • NPV Sensitivity Graphs and Pareto Charts
  • Proforma P&L Template

Automatic Calculation of Portfolio Operational Metrics

  • F&D Exit Rate (Multiple Years)
  • Capital Efficiency ($/boe)
  • Lifting Cost

Production/Volume Modeling

  • Multiple Decline Types and Tabular
  • Uncertainty Model (P10-P50-P90)
  • Downtime, Backout and Shrinkage
  • SEC Reserves Categories

Full Economic Modeling

  • Pre and Post Tax Calculations
  • Multiple Jurisdictions Support
  • Cash Flow and Economic Metric Calculations and Graphs
  • Multiple Depreciation Models
  • NPV Sensitivity and Pareto Charts
  • Multi-Currency and Currency Escalation (Inflation)
  • Multiple Price Files and Hedge Models

Capital AFE Modeling

  • Non-AFE and AFE Capital Actuals
  • Support for 1-to-N and N-to-1 Budget Line item to AFE
  • Support for Importing/Typing Weekly Capital Field Estimates
  • Support for Monthly Accrual Calculation
  • Calculation of Estimate at Completion (EAC)

Powerful User Navigation

  • Interactive Project Scheduling
  • Interactive Project Gantt Chart
  • Resources Gantt Chart (e.g. Rigs)
  • Spreadsheet - like Project Data Update
  • Bulk Edit of Projects
  • Project / Asset Dependencies
Risk Analysis Portfolio Tracking (RAPT™)

Risk Analysis Portfolio Tracking (RAPT™) is the first software solution of its kind that makes risk analysis performance tracking a part of the prospect lifecycle for Oil and Gas Exploration.  It enables Oil and Gas Exploration Companies to drill less dry hole and deliver on their upstream performance targets.  Oil and Gas Exploration Companies or Drilling Contractors use the flexible graphing and filtering capabilities in rapt to uncover estimation bias, thereby improving future drilling success.  RAPT™ is a database for capturing, archiving and analyzing pre-drill and post-drill snapshots of prospect, well and zone information including resources and chance of success.  It is a learning tool that compares pre- and post-drill resource, costs and timing estimates. With flexible graphing and filtering capabilities, you can easily track failure modes as well as uncover estimation bias and, thereby, improve future predictions.